Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day in the life of a 12 year old....

When it is his birthday...... I don't care what your age is, young or old, we all like when our birthday is remembered and have some special plans to make it a special day. My grandson Scott and I spent the day together Monday, for his birthday, while his mom was taking a medical board test at a testing center here locally @ the UCF Campus near Orlando. This was a bit unusual, since Scott lives in Pt. Saint Lucie about 140 miles south of Longwood, which is my home. Usually when we see each other it is with the entire family, including his 2 brothers.

SO SCOTT, IT IS JUST US, WHAT CAN WE DO FOR FUN?? Here we go....we are on our way.

Just messing around with my camera, while I drive.

Our first stop......

Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
1101 Audubon Way
Maitland, Fl. 32751 - 407-644-1090
Scott is an animal lover..... I wonder where he gets that??? I thought that he would enjoy seeing Birds of Prey. The problem was they are closed to the public on Monday....the only day we had. So I made a few phone calls and the wonderful folks at Birds of Prey, made it possible for us to visit on Monday and we were able to browse around the facility as VIP guests.

One of the most enchanting animal encounters to be found in the Orlando area is The Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland, Florida. Each year this facility takes in about 700 wounded and orphaned raptors from all over Florida, tends to their wounds, and nurses them back to health with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild. About 40% make it.

On display here is a giant birds nest.

Birds of Prey is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Sybellia.
Sam, has been a staff Vet Tech. for 5 years. Here she is holding Bogie, one of the center's Educational Ambassador Birds. Bogie is a Great- Horned Owl and came to Birds of Prey as a baby in 1992 after he had fallen out of his nest, (hence the name). He has a fractured wing and is unable to fly so cannot be released into the wild.

Here is Scott with Bogie. Although the birds are trained and able to be handled by the staff, while wearing a heavy padded suede-like glove to protect them, they will not go to others.

Spike is a Red-tailed hawk, also one of the Education Ambassador birds. Spike was admitted in 2000 with an eye injury to her left eye. The injury became chronic and her eye was later removed.

Here Scott is getting a closer look at Spike. Birds of Prey is open to the public, except Monday as I learned. They accept donations to maintain the facility. They are always trying to raise money to support their programs. An easy way for folks to get involved is to join the Adopt-a-Bird program, a fun and interesting way to participate in the conservation of Florida's magnificent raptors housed and treated at the center.

Hours: Tues-Sunday 10-4PM
Admission: Adults $5, Children $4, under 3 are free If you are looking for something interesting to do check out The Center for birds of Prey.

In this close up photo of Spike, you can see the missing eye. When I asked Scott what he would like to do next, as we still had several hours to "mess around", and hearing his response, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Never- never would I have guessed his response. He asked to go to a Judaica Shop, a venue for finding that special and unique 'Jewish gift'. He and his brother are currently studying for their Bar Mitzvah which will be next year and he was interested in looking at Tallit Sets. Now, I had no idea of where to find such a the time. I made a few phone calls and came up with exactly, if not better then he ever expected, right here in Orlando.

The Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah are "rites of passage," crossovers from childhood to adulthood; milestones in a Jewish life. In the eyes of Jewish law, the child becomes responsible for his/her own deeds, spiritually, ethically, and morally.... It is a true connection to Judaism.

Scott happily tried on several Tallit Sets, and to watch him do so, so excited, I thought of the phrase "he had a smile on his face from ear to ear".

Sisterhood Judaica Shop
Congregation Chev Shalom
5015 Goddard Ave.Orlando, Florida 32804
Happy Birthday Scott! We had fun didn't we? What will you request for your next birthday? Perhaps a trip to Israel.....