Sunday, May 30, 2010


When I first heard the title of this book, which got my attention immediately, I thought to myself, "dam", someone got my book title first! I immediately went to the library and found out that I had to put my name on the list to reserve it. I actually love that system, I get an email when the book is ready to pick up. Isn't technology great. When I received notification that my book was ready for pick up, several weeks later, I went to the library to check it that time I still didn't even know what it was about, I just was intrigued by the title.

I was really enjoying reading this book, when I got yet another email message from the library. Since this book was still reserved by others, it was now due, after only two weeks, not the normal 3 weeks. With no time to finish it, I thought about just keeping it and paying the fine when I returned it. But....I felt guilty, so I brought the book back to the library, paid my 20 cents fine, and inquired about putting my name back on the list. The librarian told me that I should have just kept the book till I finished it, then returned it and paid the fine.....that is what most people would do. There are 18 other people who have the book on hold ahead of me, and only 2 copies in the county. It was too late to reverse my decision, once I paid my big fine and it was put in "the system".

With 18 others ahead of me, I wonder if I will live long enough to get my 2nd chance to complete this interesting story!! But, I have learned my lesson. Next time, I will just keep the book longer, pay my fine, and not ask questions! What would you have done?

I couldn't be in better company in enjoying this story. Look at this, it's me and George Clooney!
"Now, I could tell you stories about Jerry, but Jerry is the first and best to tell them. He's funny and grumpy and perfectly inappropriate. When it comes to work, nobody works harder. When it comes to charities, nobody guilts better. And when it comes to friendship, he has no peers. That's Jerry's great talent. He doesn't just light up a room, he lights it on fire. He's a great producer, a great organizer, a great friend, and truly the greatest showman on earth." (George Clooney )

Wondering what this book is really about? It is the biography of Jerry Weintraub, a most colorful man who was an "out of the box thinker", and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time who always met the right people.

From Publishers Weekly
Hollywood power player Weintraub, now 72, is always in control and goes to great lengths to prove it: besides having managed musical legends like Presley, Sinatra and John Denver ("I cooked him from scratch"), Weintraub once closed a deal by faking a heart attack, and won the respect of one of Chicago's most powerful men, Arthur Wirtz, when he cursed Wirtz out for making him wait (Wirtz would go on to become one of Weintraub's mentors). Weintraub's also produced plays, TV shows, movies (from Nashville to the Ocean's 11 franchise), and more, summing up his talent simply: "When I believe in something, it's going to get done." Edgy and honest but refreshingly spare in his criticism of stars, colleagues and family, Weintraub can be forgiven for glossing over speed bumps in his career (one failed business lost $30 million before it closed in the mid-'80s) and occasionally showing his age with wandering rumination. As Weintraub repeatedly states, he is not a star, which perhaps that explains the disappointing omission of photos. Still, with a bold voice, a storied career, and a cast of superstars, his memoir makes a rousing insider tour of some five decades in the entertainment industry. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Good, interesting reading! I highly recommend this book and I will go back for my 2nd chance to finish it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Orchid Show at the Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens

633 Osceola Avenue, Winter Park, Fl. 32789 The Greater Orlando Orchid Society brings their annual Orchid Show back to the museum, Friday, May 21 thru Sunday, May 23, 2010. During the show, the gardens were open with free admission each day from 10:00am - 4:00pm.

View and enjoy Classic Art in a Classical Setting.

My visit to the Polasek Gardens today allowed me the opportunity to do several things that I enjoy: view beautiful gardens, plants and flowers, play with my camera and talk to other folks interested in these same things. Since I have already done a post last year on the garden, I will mostly just post my updated photos.

Some spectacular Vanda Orchids. In the world of flowers, orchids are the undisputed champions. No longer only a rich man's hobby, orchids are now within the reach of any income. The beauty and diversity of orchids captivate men and women of every walk of life. Modern reproductive methods make it possible for growers to enjoy the finest plants for a few dollars.

Some hanging flower baskets around the property.

The beautiful gardens create an incredible display area for the statues.

You would never know the devastation suffered in the garden from the Florida freeze this past winter.

The Koi pond.

Venders at the show were selling Orchids, Bromeliads and Ferns.

The home across the lake.

Another Vanda Orchid.

Plants and flowers on the wall.

A very unusual color for an Orchid.

Tomato plants

A rare form of tomato plant that actually has thorns.

Square foot gardening in raised beds.

This tree has various types of Bromeliads and air plants growing all around it. You can see it if you look is amazing in person.This could be my yard or yours......right?

The Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden is a perfect setting for Special Events, Visiting Exhibits, Educational Opportunities, Group Tours, School Field Trips and Garden Tours and Programs. The grounds are cared for by volunteer Orange County Master Gardeners.

Cultivate Your Spirit in the Garden

Monday, May 17, 2010

Garden Walk.......

Sunday, May 16, 2010, 11 a.m to 5 p.m
Sponsored by the Master Gardeners of Seminole County....... Nine homes were selected to participate in the Garden Walk. Visitors were encouraged to visit all or any number of these gardens. Participation in this event was free and we only asked that pets were left at home and to respect the garden owner's property and privacy. Above is the property located on Wilson Rd in Sanford, owned by Stephanie Powers and Rami Yosefian.
Located all around Seminole county were signs like this one guiding you to the open gardens.
Back to the home on Wilson Road, as you arrive at the property, this is the sign that welcomes you. Here, visitors enjoyed a pair of connecting ponds....
An adorable goat, that greeted you and followed you around and behaved like he was a dog......
He even climbed up on the table to steal snacks every opportunity he had.
A huge aviary is home to two beautiful birds.....lucky birds!!!
Water flowers in the pond, my personal favorite.
And a school of Koi. This yard is maintained with Integrated Management Techniques, in a natural setting.
AT the home of Norb and Carole Jaworski, on Magnolia Ave. in Sanford, I viewed some of the healthiest looking vegetable gardens I have ever seen, in addition to 15 citrus trees and much more. This home is an outstanding garden in Sanford's beautiful Historic District. I wonder what they use to fertilize this extensive vegetable garden? I want some for my "edibles".
A gardener's work is never done as evidenced by additional plants ready to be put in the ground.
The Student Museum, a Seminole County historic landmark, on 7th. street in Sanford, was also on the tour. It is the site of the Student Museum Gardens, which contains thirteen individual gardens, including; Butterfly, Antique Rose, Wildflower, Florida Native, Asian, Pioneer Garden Plants, Herb, Wildlife Habitat and Shade. Seminole County Master Gardeners volunteer to take care of these gardens and it's maintenance.
Some of the vegetables and herbs in the Pioneer Garden.
Don't you just want to pick that squash? Fourth grade classes from all over Seminole county tour these Student Museum and gardens.
Dr. Al Ferrer, the Urban Horticulturist and Master Gardener Coordinator for Seminole County was one of hundreds of visitors that came through on the garden tour, with his wife.
This home on Oak Hill Drive in Altamonte Springs is perfectly maintained and was offered on the tour by Bea and Mike Koch.
This home is a plant collector's paradise in an old English style. Individual spaces for sitting and relaxing are evident throughout the gardens.
As a professional Realtor, I must add here that if more homes were this inviting on the exterior, they would certainly sell quickly. When you enter this beautiful just want to stay.
This lovely garden certainly demonstrates what can be done in just an average sized yard with a lot of love! And it shows.
This raised bed is home for Roses and other plants with an inviting swing for two just behind it.
Every inch of this garden has something to look at. This path leads to the "Secret Garden" as the owners refer to it.
Here it is.....the secret garden!
Next stop on my tour was on Jessup Avenue in Longwood. This was the only commercial property on the tour and home to Dix. Lathrop and Associates, Inc. Here, two structures were surrounded by water-wise, native and ornamental plantings. Note the Rain Barrel to collect water for watering plants.
I do not know the name of these 3 trees in the pine family......they certainly are unique.
Some more native Florida plants....
Pictured is a Coral Honeysuckle growing on a trellis at the building entry.
Beautiful potted plants adorned the entrance of the building.
My next stop on the tour was in Longwood, on Myrtle Lake Hills Road. Jeff and Debbie Dix describe their yard as "modern Florida cracker". They have created a sustainable garden requiring minimal water, fertilizer and pesticides....and it is just gorgeous.
If you are wondering, there is no high maintenance grass. What you are seeing is a huge use of Asiatic Jasmine....low maintenance and low watering......not to mention no grass to cut regularly. This makes life just grand, everything is green, lush and just beautiful!
Every angle of this garden was just terrific!
Asiatic Jasmine and Bromiliads....nothing exotic, but look how gorgeous.
More Asiatic Jasmine and Bird of Paradise.
Iron plants with Asiatic Jasmine.
The path to the pool and spa.
Very inviting, isn't it?
Talk about "Curb Appeal", I know a Real Estate term, I couldn't resist that.......just more Asiatic Jasmine on the curb.
Check out the planting on the little island surrounded by the driveway....more Asiatic Jasmine.
Another view with Fern growing under the tree.
Although there were nine homes included on this tour, I personally only made it to six of them. I guess it proved what I have been told for years.......I talk too much. I just ran out of time.
My sincere apology to the 3 additional homes in the tour that I did not get to visit and photograph. A brief synopsis of these homes are as follows:
The home of Tabitha and Steve Miller on Morgan Street in Winter Springs is described as a large property featuring a tropically-themed oasis complete with Koi Pond and an array of gardens designed by Tabitha Miller. Tabitha is a certified feng shui consultant who was on hand to answer questions about designing gardens to promote peace, prosperity and other feng shui principles.
The home of Sue Tarum on Cayuga Drive in Winter Springs was designed to require no irrigation and attract birds and butterflies. Many natives have been included in the landscape. Integrated pest management techniques have been employed to also minimize the need for pesticides and fertilizers.
Rick and Mindy Geer on Olean Court also in Winter Springs, contrast the "Florida formal" front yard with the more tropical back and side yards. Colorful, textural plants massed and smooth curvilinear lines are combined to appeal to the eye while providing easy maintenance.
Who are the Seminole County Master Gardeners?
Seminole County is one of 56( out of 67) Florida counties that has an active Florida Master Gardener Program. Florida Master Gardeners (MG's) are adult volunteers trained by cooperative Extension Service personnel. After completion of an intense training program (12 to 14 weeks, 6 hours per day, one day per week with approximately 75 hours of intensive horticultural instruction), the volunteers become certified MG's, ready to return many hours of volunteer service to their community through assistance with Extension home horticulture activities and projects.
Master Gardeners are the Extension's in-house resource that provides solutions to the challenges of Florida gardening. They share knowledge of best practices, scientifically proven solutions and advice on eco-friendly methods that are vital to the sustainability of Seminole Countys most precious resosurces.

Additional sponsors of the Garden Walk......Sunniland, Wild Birds Unlimited, "The Original" Do-it-yourself Pest Control, Inc.- Fern Park, Fl. and South Seminole Farm and Nursery. Thanks to you all for assisting to make this event possible.