Friday, November 12, 2010

Who has been eating my eggplant???

I guess I should consider myself lucky, as my "edible garden" has escaped the critters of the yard.....up until now. My eggplant has been healthy, producing and most of all untouched by the critters of nature, providing the main ingredient of many recent meals. (sauteed with ginger, green onions and lots of garlic, served over brown rice, being one of my personal favorites).
I guess those days are over, a thief of the night has found it's way into my garden. Two days ago as I looked over the garden in the early morning, I noticed an eggplant had been snacked on. I immediately plucked it off the plant and discarded it. At that time I didn't take it too seriously. But the next day....the same thing, with a 2nd. eggplant, so I decided to leave it and see what happens. The photo above is that eggplant the next morning, perfectly scooped out and eaten. At least the little culprit went back to the same one he had gotten into the night before and left the others on the vine intact. They are still much smaller. I really don't know what I can do from here about this situation. I consider myself fortunate that it took this long for the critters to discover my garden and I realize that I have enough to share, within reason.
Recently, my three dogs have been digging down into my plants and they are in most definite "hunt" mode, especially Niko. I think that they are on to something. I believe that whatever animal is snacking on my eggplant, is also residing in my garden, right under my nose. I will have to keep an eye open and see if I can solve this little problem.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Get the dirt on how to have a great garden at the Seminole County Master Gardener Expo, a Horticultural Exposition. Whether you only have a really small garden or a huge garden........ No matter the size of your garden or the type of garden is your interest, this is the place to "Ask The Experts"! Gardening is for everyone! Come out and and speak to and listen to local and regional celebrities EXPO will take place at one of Seminole County’s finest lake-front settings. The Seminole County Master Gardeners have invited exhibitors from a wide variety of interests in urban horticulture: growers, retail sales, landscapers, non-profit organizations plant societies and more. The objective is to bring these varied urban horticulture interests together in Seminole County for residents, visitors and others to experience. Expert speakers and instructors are scheduled to speak throughout the day along with entertainment and food service. Sample some great tasting foods while wondering around the exhibitors displays.

Something for every one's taste. Have food, fun and MORE!  
Learn new craft ideas
Find out all about bees
Meet Sir Gus, the kissing Camel
(You haven't been kissed until you have been kissed by Gus)
Enter contests to win prizes

 Purchase plants and horticulture items
See beautiful plants & landscape ideas
View vegetable gardening demos and alternative gardening demos
The Seminole County Master Gardeners have been working on this project for over a year and hope to see you out at Expo 2010.

Red Bug Lake Park
3600 Red Bug Lake Road
Casselberry, FL 32707
Saturday, November 6, 2010
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

For more information, please call (407) 665-5550