Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the true spirit of the holidays....

Food, family, friends and fun....

This past long holiday week-end spent at my daughter's home, we had 4 woman cooking in the kitchen. There were times, you would have to wait your turn to get to the stove, which is gas and I still haven't figured it out. We had as many as 17 for dinner on December 25th, with the food served, a vast array from many ethnic back grounds.

My overall favorite dish, was a Greek potato salad served on a bed of greens with sliced fresh beets, Feta cheese, avocados and tomatoes. Feta cheese in lieu of a large amount of mayonnaise made this Greek potato salad creamy and incredibly yummy. Unfortunately there was no recipe, so I will have to improvise when I attempt to duplicate it. This dish was truly too pretty to not take a photo of...so I did!

And in the true spirit of the holidays, our family complied! We ate, we ate.....and we ate again.

Mrs. C, your entry was truly the winner in my mind.

Spoken as I sit here in front of my computer still "grazing" on a left over Peruvian dish that I could not tell you the name of. Yum!!