Monday, March 7, 2011

Does all this color indicate the arrival of spring?

I certainly hope so.....notice the insect getting nector from this flower.

I have not planted any thing new in my yard this season, all that is springing up in bloom here have been planted from previous seasons.

When I trimmed away all the old brown and dead branches from the surface, look at what I uncovered hidden away.
This is the flower from "Mother of Thousands", a succulent. Plants from this family are usually unusual and interesting.
And much to my surprise they all came back.......proving again you can grow plants anywhere and I do!

A healty tomato plant sending out flowers. One of many-many that reseeded itself from last season. The "critter" I have been battleing, that ate almost everything in my edible gardens, obviously does not care for tomato plants.....yet.

No color here, but as I walked my yard today, I was thrilled to see my Gossypium Barbadense (Egyptian Cotton tree), break out with leaves and doing well....for several reasons. This plant is a native of Peru and I started it from a seed that I collected on a visit to the Polansek Gardens and Museum in Winter Park, Florida. I did not know that I would be successful to propagate it, to begin with and I did not think it would tolerate and survive the severe cold temperatures we experienced in Central Florida for several evenings. Also, I am told that the garden no longer has it's tree where I obtained the seeds.
There is always a surprise in store in my garden and as usual, I welcome it.