Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's about the kids....

I am talking about Halloween.....and it's about kids of all ages.

On Halloween afternoon, I dressed up my 3 Bichons in their costumes and visited Savannah Cove and Savannah Court in Maitland, Florida, an assisted living/nursing home facility. Andy, Niko and Charlie were the hit of the party and took turns on every bodies laps. They are cute especially dressed as a Pumpkin, Peter Pan, and the Devil..... Charlie of coarse. Two of my dogs were adopted from Small Paws Rescue, a rescue group for the Bichon Frise which I volunteer with. Check out the site, there are currently over 200 sweet Bichons up for adoption all over the country.
My boys know who to "kiss up to". Isn't it great that Halloween still brings out the kid in some of the senior residents? They had lots of fun dressing up.
Charlie the devil sitting on Pauline's lap. This is my mom who just turned 94 years old on Oct. 8th.
Everyone wanted me to get in a photo with my 3 boys........right, like that was going to be easy. I am the bumble bee in the center.
The residents just loved the dogs and asked so many questions about them.
Peter Pan and the Indian Bride.
Niko is a little ham.......
Sorry I have my day upside down! Afternoon 1st and now the morning.
In the morning it was off to the "Y" to work out....yes in of all ages. This is some of the Zumba Girls.
The kids were allowed to dress up in costume too!
Giselle and Anna, 2 of the instructors for Zumba at the Central Florida YMCA.
Count Dracula in the rear, front row Luciane, Saturday morning instructor at the Longwood "Y", Joyce S. and me the Bee.
More of my Halloween photos are posted on my face book page....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Donkey Ears, Life Plant

Donkey Ears, new resident on the funny farm....Look what's happening in my garden July 2009. This was the headline to my post when I acquired this odd plant this past July.
Just look how it has grown since. (Giant Kalanchoe Gastonis Bonnieri) A really different looking plant was a recent find out in Mount Dora, Florida. Note the babies grow on the tips of the leaves. This plant was a perfect addition to my collection of "funny looking " plants....or out of the ordinary. When I researched this plant after I brought it home, I learned how interesting it really is. It forms a spike out of the center for the flower which is a beautiful-large bunch of bell-like flowers that attract Hummingbirds. I am looking forward to see this plant flower.
As promised this plant over the last few months has sent up a shoot almost 2 foot high. Because of its unique leaves, big flower stems, and its way of welcoming many hummingbirds, make Kalanchoe donkey ear top the lists of many succulent lovers. Young leaves of Kalanchoe donkey ear are light green or greenish white in color and become bigger with prominent mule spots as the plant grows. The leaves are shaped like a Donkey’s ear, thus it is commonly known as Donkey Ears. Kalanchoe donkey ear can reach a height of about 2 feet tall when it blooms producing showy drooping flowers with red and yellow colors.
Last week I started to notice that the new growth, had a different look. These are not additional leaves. My Donkey Ears plant is getting ready to burst into flower.
Look at those buds....getting ready to bloom into a major show-off plant. Now that it is budding and about to bloom, I continually walk past it when I'm outside in the yard just to see if the flowers have opened, I am like an expective mother!
Stay tuned in for more to follow....................

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall arrives to Florida....with a big welcome!

The temperature here in Central Florida today is a high of 72 degrees with blue skies and a humidity level at 47........and much welcomed.

This is the reason we live here in Florida. But we must learn to appreciate this wonderful weather knowing that it can change at any time. We just finished up I hope, a very long, very dry, very hot and unbearable humid summer. So this morning, I hung my fall wreaths on my front door indicating the arrival of fall.
These photos demonstrate the "fall" images that I remember as fall arrived in New York and Georgia where I lived, in years before moving in Florida. I do really miss those incredible pieces of art done by famous artist......Mother Nature!

As I pull out my pumpkins, scarecrows and other obvious fall decorations from their cartons in the basements, I can remember all the wonderful and the obvious signs of the season.
• Red, orange, and yellow leaves out there on the ground. • A rake to rake the leaves into piles.
• Piles of leaves in the yard to jump in. • Acorns hiding in the grass. • Pumpkins ready to become jack-o-lanterns. • Trees with bare branches and no leaves left on them. • Candy corn at the grocery store. • Lots of apples at the market to buy. Frost on the window when I got up in the morning. • Squirrels collecting nuts and acorns to store for winter..........followed by the arrival of winter, the holidays and snow.
Change is Happening! Seasonal change is happening in lots of different ways all across the globe. Think about what clues in your home town tell you that a new season is approaching? Look, smell, feel, and listen carefully.

I remember well being bundled in a hooded sweatshirt and clutching a steaming mug of coffee, or hot chocolate. Fall is definitely here - dreary and chilly or crisp and sunny, it doesn't matter - I am in love with this time of year.
I think I will just grab a book, a beverage and sit on my porch and enjoy it. For you Northerners struggling with the cold, rain, dark skies, snow and slush.......can you see yourself here?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh what a day........

Where were you 15 years ago on October 15th? Do you think you are seeing double? My brides..... Denise and Carrie.

Back in 1994 when Carrie told me she and Brian were going to get married, I suggested to Denise that if she & John were planning to do the same in the same time period to please consider a double wedding........and a double wedding we had.

October 15, 1994, two brides, two grooms.......and three families brought together for the 1st time, the night they were wed.
"The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman!"

Happy 15th. Anniversary.....
Denise & John and Carrie & Brian.

For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.....and through everything else!
top row: Zachary, William, Scott and David; bottom row: Ariana and Nikalas
The production since that day.
(Grandchildren: the reward for not killing your kids!)
Congratulations......job well done! Always remember the romance......and the Fairy Tale will always continue.

Happy Anniversary.....15 years