Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall arrives to Florida....with a big welcome!

The temperature here in Central Florida today is a high of 72 degrees with blue skies and a humidity level at 47........and much welcomed.

This is the reason we live here in Florida. But we must learn to appreciate this wonderful weather knowing that it can change at any time. We just finished up I hope, a very long, very dry, very hot and unbearable humid summer. So this morning, I hung my fall wreaths on my front door indicating the arrival of fall.
These photos demonstrate the "fall" images that I remember as fall arrived in New York and Georgia where I lived, in years before moving in Florida. I do really miss those incredible pieces of art done by famous artist......Mother Nature!

As I pull out my pumpkins, scarecrows and other obvious fall decorations from their cartons in the garage.....no basements, I can remember all the wonderful and the obvious signs of the season.
• Red, orange, and yellow leaves out there on the ground. • A rake to rake the leaves into piles.
• Piles of leaves in the yard to jump in. • Acorns hiding in the grass. • Pumpkins ready to become jack-o-lanterns. • Trees with bare branches and no leaves left on them. • Candy corn at the grocery store. • Lots of apples at the market to buy. Frost on the window when I got up in the morning. • Squirrels collecting nuts and acorns to store for winter..........followed by the arrival of winter, the holidays and snow.
Change is Happening! Seasonal change is happening in lots of different ways all across the globe. Think about what clues in your home town tell you that a new season is approaching? Look, smell, feel, and listen carefully.

I remember well being bundled in a hooded sweatshirt and clutching a steaming mug of coffee, or hot chocolate. Fall is definitely here - dreary and chilly or crisp and sunny, it doesn't matter - I am in love with this time of year.
I think I will just grab a book, a beverage and sit on my porch and enjoy it. For you Northerners struggling with the cold, rain, dark skies, snow and slush.......can you see yourself here?

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fitncrafty said...

So pretty.. If you want real fall, come here! We have plenty of it..

Your doors look so pretty, you should come here and do mine!