Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's about the kids....

I am talking about Halloween.....and it's about kids of all ages.

On Halloween afternoon, I dressed up my 3 Bichons in their costumes and visited Savannah Cove and Savannah Court in Maitland, Florida, an assisted living/nursing home facility. Andy, Niko and Charlie were the hit of the party and took turns on every bodies laps. They are cute especially dressed as a Pumpkin, Peter Pan, and the Devil..... Charlie of coarse. Two of my dogs were adopted from Small Paws Rescue, a rescue group for the Bichon Frise which I volunteer with. Check out the site, there are currently over 200 sweet Bichons up for adoption all over the country.
My boys know who to "kiss up to". Isn't it great that Halloween still brings out the kid in some of the senior residents? They had lots of fun dressing up.
Charlie the devil sitting on Pauline's lap. This is my mom who just turned 94 years old on Oct. 8th.
Everyone wanted me to get in a photo with my 3 boys........right, like that was going to be easy. I am the bumble bee in the center.
The residents just loved the dogs and asked so many questions about them.
Peter Pan and the Indian Bride.
Niko is a little ham.......
Sorry I have my day upside down! Afternoon 1st and now the morning.
In the morning it was off to the "Y" to work out....yes in of all ages. This is some of the Zumba Girls.
The kids were allowed to dress up in costume too!
Giselle and Anna, 2 of the instructors for Zumba at the Central Florida YMCA.
Count Dracula in the rear, front row Luciane, Saturday morning instructor at the Longwood "Y", Joyce S. and me the Bee.
More of my Halloween photos are posted on my face book page....

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Permission to Mother said...

The dogs look cute... the devil! how funny.... and grandma is smiling as usual.

Scott wants to know when Max can visit the nursing home.