Sunday, May 30, 2010


When I first heard the title of this book, which got my attention immediately, I thought to myself, "dam", someone got my book title first! I immediately went to the library and found out that I had to put my name on the list to reserve it. I actually love that system, I get an email when the book is ready to pick up. Isn't technology great. When I received notification that my book was ready for pick up, several weeks later, I went to the library to check it that time I still didn't even know what it was about, I just was intrigued by the title.

I was really enjoying reading this book, when I got yet another email message from the library. Since this book was still reserved by others, it was now due, after only two weeks, not the normal 3 weeks. With no time to finish it, I thought about just keeping it and paying the fine when I returned it. But....I felt guilty, so I brought the book back to the library, paid my 20 cents fine, and inquired about putting my name back on the list. The librarian told me that I should have just kept the book till I finished it, then returned it and paid the fine.....that is what most people would do. There are 18 other people who have the book on hold ahead of me, and only 2 copies in the county. It was too late to reverse my decision, once I paid my big fine and it was put in "the system".

With 18 others ahead of me, I wonder if I will live long enough to get my 2nd chance to complete this interesting story!! But, I have learned my lesson. Next time, I will just keep the book longer, pay my fine, and not ask questions! What would you have done?

I couldn't be in better company in enjoying this story. Look at this, it's me and George Clooney!
"Now, I could tell you stories about Jerry, but Jerry is the first and best to tell them. He's funny and grumpy and perfectly inappropriate. When it comes to work, nobody works harder. When it comes to charities, nobody guilts better. And when it comes to friendship, he has no peers. That's Jerry's great talent. He doesn't just light up a room, he lights it on fire. He's a great producer, a great organizer, a great friend, and truly the greatest showman on earth." (George Clooney )

Wondering what this book is really about? It is the biography of Jerry Weintraub, a most colorful man who was an "out of the box thinker", and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time who always met the right people.

From Publishers Weekly
Hollywood power player Weintraub, now 72, is always in control and goes to great lengths to prove it: besides having managed musical legends like Presley, Sinatra and John Denver ("I cooked him from scratch"), Weintraub once closed a deal by faking a heart attack, and won the respect of one of Chicago's most powerful men, Arthur Wirtz, when he cursed Wirtz out for making him wait (Wirtz would go on to become one of Weintraub's mentors). Weintraub's also produced plays, TV shows, movies (from Nashville to the Ocean's 11 franchise), and more, summing up his talent simply: "When I believe in something, it's going to get done." Edgy and honest but refreshingly spare in his criticism of stars, colleagues and family, Weintraub can be forgiven for glossing over speed bumps in his career (one failed business lost $30 million before it closed in the mid-'80s) and occasionally showing his age with wandering rumination. As Weintraub repeatedly states, he is not a star, which perhaps that explains the disappointing omission of photos. Still, with a bold voice, a storied career, and a cast of superstars, his memoir makes a rousing insider tour of some five decades in the entertainment industry. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Good, interesting reading! I highly recommend this book and I will go back for my 2nd chance to finish it.


Susan said...

I hope you don't have to wait too long before you get a second chance at this book. Being honest does have its drawbacks sometimes. It's always great to find a really good book.

SeymourZ_Reger嘉容 said...

Say not all that you know, believe not all that you hear. ............................................................