Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life is a gift

Meyer (Mike) Deutsch
May 26, 1913 - February 29, 2008 With Fathers' day approaching, I find myself thinking a lot of my dad. Death is usually thought of as something sad and terrible. But, something that is so final has a way to make us put our mortality into a new perspective. When one dies who is 94 years old, it's also amazing to think about the gift of life and longevity.
My dad lived a strong and independent life. When he passed peacefully February 29, 2008, he was 94, with an extremely sharp mind. He lived independently until Jan 12 when he broke the second hip and went to the hospital. He recovered from his first hip surgery exceptionally well.

My dad was not formally educated, but he was very smart. My dad was self-educated, he read the New York Times almost each day of his life. He would have loved to be formally educated and was always very sensitive to the fact that he was not. (The photo above is of my dad dressed in a Graduation Gown for one of his grand children.)
I have several physicians in my family, but my Dad always said he was the first MD in the family...get it...Meyer Deutsch...he was full of humor and had corny jokes always! Dad, your influence on me shall live on.
Happy Fathers Day!

Life is a gift and 94 years is certainly a precious gift!

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fitncrafty said...

Was just talking about Grandpa and his harmonica the other day!
I love that photo... he was so proud and happy that day!