Saturday, June 26, 2010

Extreme Makeover......

From "Farty to Funky" Following a complete "gutting and renovation" of this home in Pt. Saint Lucie, selecting the paint colors was the next step. I found this fabric which was perfect with the color selections on the walls throughout the home and it was what was used to upholster a chair that had been in the family for 60 years. The first piece of furniture to begin the next step of decorating and furnishing the Great Room. And Great Room is the proper name in this case as the room is approximately 30 foot x 30 foot....where to begin????
We will most definitely refer to this chair as "Farty". Not at all what this young family would ever select. As a matter of fact, they were not sure they would keep this old chair.

Upholstered with the selected fabric, it takes on new life......becoming funky! I will refer to this as an extreme makeover!

It was decided to also upholster the existing dining room chairs which were ready to be "tossed to the curb". The style of the dining room furniture with a little rehab, fit this family's lifestyle and budget....and that is exactly what was done.

I decided to look for 2 fabric chairs in a light color so that when looking through the room, they would not block or distract from the incredible water view. Hopefully I would locate swivel chairs that would work with the other pieces, so that when sitting on them, it would be easy to focus on the fireplace/conversation area, turn to enjoy the view of the water or turn to be part of the dining room. I could not locate an acceptable chair that fit the description, however this chair was perfect and the upholsterer was able to convert them to swivel chairs installing a swivel mechanism. Yes he is a magician and wonderful!

The pieces were coming together, I loved this cocktail table which came out of a Model Home, but the problem was moving it. Having a solid granite top it weighed about a "gizillion" pounds.....I mean really heavy!

Locating the correct sofas was the biggest challenge. I carried around my fabric samples and cushion from the chairs to every furniture store in Orlando....and I believe I located the perfect sofa. Things really fell into place as there were two in stock and I was able to get them delivered in 5 days. The very same day that I was planning a trip with the upholsterer, from Orlando to Pt. Saint Lucie to deliver some pieces and install the window treatment, also done with the funky fabric.

This is the view from the Great Room that I did not want to distract from.

Do you blame me?

Here it is put together from various views.

Note the "Queens" chair over in the dining room next to the hutch.

Except for some minor accessories, like some silk plants, etc., this room is pretty much complete. It is functional, comfortable and inviting. Denise and John are thrilled with the finished look and everyone is happy.

Even Max the family dog has found his spot.
( In this photo: Bruce Ross & Maxine Thomas )

Thank you Bruce for working with me on this project. You are creative, extremely talented and an artist at what you do. Together we make a great team, not to mention great friends since we met about 10+ years ago. I look forward to doing the next project with you.

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