Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009...Was it good for you?

2009: Was it good to you, or is it good riddance? I think that it's a little of both for me, and I'm honestly looking forward to Twenty-Ten.

Thinking of the Christmas season that just passed, it doesn't really matter what religion you are, it doesn't matter what you believe, or if you believe, it just matters that all things are possible! With the possibility of all things, there remains some kind of hope.

So, Happy Holidays to Everybody! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy December birthday, whatever you are into, Happy Whatever it Is. God Bless America and God Bless the World! So I guess it really is all about Dickens, Tiny Tim, you all know who I'm talking about, not the singer, but the character from Dickens in A Christmas Carol, and he ends it by saying "God Bless Us, Everyone!"

Here's to hope for the coming year. Here's to stopping the bickering over the small stuff and focusing on the big challenges that we all face. Here's to equality for ALL. Here's to making and spending time with those we love and care about.

Please have a happy and safe New Year, my friends.


fitncrafty said...

Happy new year! Love you Mom!!

Russell Cox said...

Happy New Year! Great to be connected again...