Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Edible Landscapes....

Gardeners are turning landscapes over to edible planting for a variety of reasons.....feeding the family and stocking the freezer or pantry are just a few of the dollar-saving reasons for planting an edible landscape. Many gardeners also grow food for the fun of it. There is plenty of wholesome fresh air and exercise in tilling the soil and tending the crops. Planting a garden and managing plants can keep you outdoors just about every day of the year.

A four foot x six foot raised bed is my first attempt at an edible garden! Using the "Square foot gardening " method allows planting many more plants in a small area that is extremely accessible and easy to manage. This photo above was taken just several weeks prior to the 2010 "Florida Freeze".

Knowing the cold weather was on the way, I picked the lettuce that was ready for harvest. I will admit that there is a very personal pride from producing food. That evening I enjoyed a wonderful salad, which I did photograph to share, but cannot locate.

We would all love our produce supply to look like this photo below, wouldn't we? This photo was taken several months ago during my visit to a week-end farmer's market near Port Saint Lucie Florida. Now this is what I call produce, don't you agree! And the breads that they sell there is certainly worthy another story.

Our local news here in Central Florida just this afternoon did a story about how the recent "Florida Freeze" will effect all of us around the country....where it hurts, in our wallets!

Florida farmers produce “nearly all our nation’s domestically produced fresh fruits and vegetables during the winter,” according to a statement released by the state’s agricultural commissioner, Charles H. Bronson. “There is much at stake, both for our state’s farmers and for consumers all across the United States who count on Florida to provide them with fresh domestic produce in the winter.”

The simple truth is since Florida supplies such a large part of the vegetable/produce and citrus fruits during the Winter months, we can all look for a substantial increases in prices very shortly!

If you have ever thought about trying your hand at growing your own produce....this is the time to do it. Perhaps, starting with growing a pot of herbs to dramatically add to the flavor of your family meals. Even the White House has added an edible garden!

Since growing produce has become the "in-thing" to do in our current economy, don't think for one moment that it will not increase desirability of your property if you are considering putting your home on the market. People will see the potential of your property and feel the ease in continuing what you have started.

Perhaps an edible garden in your back yard will become the new "curb appeal", in the Real Estate arena.

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