Friday, April 30, 2010

It has been a slow recovery....

But we are slowly making progress after a bitter cold winter here in Central Florida. Garden ornament.....I salvaged this "planter" out of my daughter's home being totally renovated in Pt. Saint Lucie, Florida. It certainly adds "my touch" to the landscape. Actually most visitors to my garden hardly notice it until I point it out to them.

This is a "baby" from my Giant Kalanchoe Gastonis Bonnieri, Donkey Ears, that I photographed extensively and posted about, probobly until I bored my readers silly. The poor mother plant is gone...a victim perhaps of the glorious bloom it produced and then followed by the freezing weather. And yes during the cold days and nights she was moved into my lanai and covered. It just got too cold. But this little baby protected by other plants did make it. Hopefully by fall it will be ready to bloom for me. I did give away several other babies.

I have pots of assorted flowering plants scattered around to add color and interest.

And I have added a small water feature to my garden, because I just love the plants that can grow in it. But once again the cold weather made victim of several of my flowering water plants. The "lettuce" plants survived and I recently added Papyrus, or "Little Tut" as it is commonly known. The Papyrus is a native of the Nile River, and are the plants the Egyptians used to make the first paper.

The addition of flowering annuals add accent and draw the butterflies and birds.

I have several large Stag Horn Ferns which did fairly well. Several of the fronds were burned from the cold, but new ones are filling in quickly.

I do not have a name for this vine that I purchased last season, but this is the first bloom which I imagine will attract butterflies, at minimum.

My Bird of Paradise is doing well under the canopy of the large trees, and was not at all affected by by the Florida freeze.

Several varieties of Bromeliads did well, I just need to remove the burnt leaves and separate the clusters.

Shrubs are starting to produce their flowers adding more color.

Some more flowers added for color.

Moving out to the front yard, my big brown spot recently the topic of another post is filling in quickly. I am real pleased with the Asiatic Jasmine. My front beds have everything filling in and looking better finally.

My Crinum Lillys which looked like wilted spinach after the cold are coming back beautifully. As noted in a previous post, I have moved them 3 times from different homes here in Central Florida and do really "baby" them.
Since they are in pots, the Red Bird Cacto Cardenal was moved inside my covered lanai during the freeze and did still end up dropping every one of its red color showy leaves, but they are just starting to come back now. I will be patient and it will be worth it.
The little sign displayed reads: A garden of friends is always in bloom!
Ah, now to my "new" favorite plants......My edible landscape, growing in 2 raised beds, using the square foot gardening method. Seen here in the rear is Kale and up front is Zucchini. Other plants I am growing include: beans, several varieties of tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, green & red peppers as well as hot pepper, squash, broccoli, cabbage, several varieties of lettuce and carrots.
Cherry Tomatoes are abundant on this plant with the first ones ready to pick in the next day or so.
Here are 2 Spaghetti Squash seedlings just emerged from seed. I think that the tomato crop will be very abundant from what I see now. I have about 5 different varieties. I also grow herbs which I love to have for cooking. Once you cook with freshly picked herbs you will never be happy with dried or even the "fresh herbs" you purchase in the grocery store. I am currently growing Basil,Chives, Dill, Ginger, Lavender, Marjoram, Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon and Thyme....I think that's it. I even love the scent of the herbs when I water them...........which is what I think I need to do now, since it did not rain.

Keep Gardening.......

Make every inch of your property beautiful, productive and delicious!!!!


Susan said...

Love, love, love your toilet container...the choice of flowers and plants look great. Your vine with the pretty coral red flower looks like honeysuckle. Everything in your garden is making a great comeback...plants are so least most of them.

ldybug said...

the toilet is great. i live 10 minutes from psl and visit your garden blog. small world. My garden blog is

Anyway, take care and I hope the jasmine continues to fill in.

Meems said...

Those dianthus really are brightening up your garden area and the bird bath. Your vine is the native coral honeysuckle. The hummingbirds will love it and it will bloom for you nearly all year long without freezing, too. I'm in love with them this season.

Things are really filling in for you and looking good for spring.

HD Marsh AKA Marshlady said...

Wonderful blog! Love the toilet and of course you know the vine by now...Coral Honeysuckle...See you at the garden tour? You should be on it next year! :-)

HD Marsh AKA Marshlady said...
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Orlando Realtor said...

Thanks to all for your very kind comments.

Marshlady...I only photograph the better parts of my garden, I don't know if I meet up to the wonderful gardens in the tour. But I will give it some consideration for next year. It certainly would give me some motivation to spruce it up.

Orlando Realtor said...

ldybug, I guess I am having a senior moment, therefore I must ask. What is psl? Duh!!