Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holly Hobby, where are you today?

Going through old photos over the last several days, reminded me of the Holly Hobby phase that my daughter Carrie went through. She loved everything Holly Hobby...........and everything was Holly Hobby. If you asked her today about her love for this popular rag doll as a young girl, she might remember it differently.

She had the entire family of dolls, a handmade quilt, a treasure box etc. She even liked to dress like Holly.

This made me curious as to what ever happened to Holly. As I explored this on Google, I found that Holly Hobby has made a come-back.

Holly Hobby Rag Dolls Return

Holly Hobbie is back, eager to make new friends and rekindle fond memories with old companions. Her charming gingham and calico patterns, and the timeless wisdom of her sentimental messages hearken back to simpler times and the enduring values of hearth, home, and friends.

Holly Hobbie is an American icon. Originally launched in 1967 by American Greetings, and by 1975 Holly Hobbie rag dolls outsold Raggedy Ann dolls five to one. In 2005, American Greetings and Nickelodeon partnered to re-launch the classic Holly Hobbie.

Holly Hobbie has recently been revived by American Greetings in association with Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products, in the form of Holly Hobbies great-granddaughter that shares the same name as the original. This new Holly Hobbie stars in Holly Hobbie and Friends - Surprise Party an animated DVD, the first of a planned series. The DVD was released in March and also had an airing on Nick Jr. in February. This new Holly Hobbie shares the same values as the original, but instead of a blue prairie bonnet, printed dress and gingham apron, the new Holly Hobbie has been updated to wear an oversized baseball cap and jeans.

For anyone craving the original Holly Hobbie, Marie Osmond Dolls has just released two dolls styled after the original. Her Holly Hobbie collector's doll had its debut on QVC on April 17th. This doll is 15" tall and made of porcelain. She is limited to 5,000 dolls and has a suggested retail of $49.99. She comes dressed in the traditional bonnet, print dress and apron, and granny boots.
Marie Osmond has also released a Holly Hobbie greeting card doll, in association with American Greetings. This doll comes in a book-opening window box with an ode to mothers on the inside lid. The doll is only 7 inches tall and wears a pink printed hat and dress with simple white apron. She is carrying flowers and has a porcelain head and hands. She has a suggested retail of $24.99 and will appear in both card and doll stores.

So this research proves my theory.....if you keep anything long enough, it will make a come back. Carrie, I wonder what ever became of your Holly Hobby things......and I also wish I had them today......even if only to satisfy the ebay market for those that are looking for the original real thing. P.S., I can't remember the name of the dude on the poster on the wall, in the photo but you had a crush on him big time.


fitncrafty said...

I loved Holly Hobbie and as the world can see I loved Sean Cassidy too... Brian got a good laugh out of that! Da Doo Run Run!

I still have some of those Holly Hobbie Dolls...

Permission to Mother said...

Awwwww. How cute. Carrie hasn't changed a bit in her profile photo. I love all those Holly Hobbie things. Good timing... I've been reading Little House to the boys and was going to write something about that (there *is* a boy theme). The Little House books I have were actually Carrie's. Probably from that phase.

Thanks for adding me as a follower. :) I had a dream that I had lots more followers today (a very silly dream)and it is true!

Good post again. I wonder what photo you found of me... yikes....

Permission to Mother said...

PS- I just noticed the red carpet. Very Stylish.

Orlando Realtor said...

I can't remember if it was red, but I am sure it would have been shag!