Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa baby left me a Santa dollar.....

Imagine my surprise on Christmas morning finding a dollar bill neatly left under the remote control for my TV. I picked it up and wondered where it came from and then noticed the center photo....none other then Santa himself. I wondered about this and asked several friends that I spoke to if they had ever heard of or seen such a thing.

I like to "pretend" that I believe in Santa and all the magical happenings of the season.....just because I want to harm done. After all, if we don't have a dream can our dreams come true?

Late yesterday afternoon, I found out that the dollar bill was mistakenly left by David my 5 year old grandson who visited. Oh well, for a moment I had my dream, and now I know about the Santa Dollar.

Santa Claus' face on a real dollar bill. Genuine, legal, bankable, and spendable, the Santa Dollar Bill makes a great gift. Crisp new bill comes in an attractive and engraved gift envelope with holiday greeting in festive green and red. Great stocking stuffer. Available at various retail locations. My Santa dollar I found out came from Publix Supermarket.

"The Santa Dollars, which will be sold at Publix supermarkets until Christmas Eve, raised close to $40,000 last year. The dollar bills cost $2.50 each; a dollar goes to Abilities Foundation, a dollar to the purchaser and 50 cents to printing, promotion and other costs. Publix gets no money".

Santa Baby , one of my all time favorite holiday songs.
Eartha Kitt (1927-2008)
Eartha Kitt, singer of the Christmas song "Santa Baby," died on Thursday, Christmas day, at the age of 81.


Permission to Mother said...

Looks like David needs a wallet. Now I wonder what other money he's lost. :/

Fun post!

fitncrafty said...

Nice to know that your magical Santa dollar has a story..

We too were sad to hear of Eartha Kits passing... She was an amazing singer and one of the best Catwoman ever!!

puppy8898 said...

This dollar bill fake, but spendable. Trust me, I also found one and my family and I were excited and happy about it. But one dau I was closley looking at it when and saw the letters GTON- as in WASHINGTON, under the picture of santa. Then I relized that there was a flap with the santa picture. This very relistic picture of him was glued on thr REAL dollar. Sorry :(

thetileninja said...

Huh, i thought it was a political statement. Sure could be, though; on the commercialization of this so-called christian holiday

Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

thetileninja - I like how you think.