Monday, January 5, 2009

Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children.

A picture is worth a thousand words........................

Scott and Me December 2008
David, Scott and William 2008

I couldn't resist sneaking this is my post after all! Andy, Charlie and Niko

Nikalas just lost his tooth. December 2008
Nikalas, Zachary and Ariana
Scott & David, December 2008
Scott, David and William 2007
Zach, Ariana and Nickalas 2007
Ariana, what a only grand daughter!
Six grandchildren, five boys and one girl!


fitncrafty said...

They sure are a bunch of cutie pies!!!
You lucky Grandma!!!

Gary said...

I fully agree with you!

My wife and I have three grandchildren - all girls. We wouldn't have wanted to miss this for anything.

When everything alse seems unside down, little people provide a breath of fresh air - our tonics.

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Have a healthy and prosperous 2009.


meggie said...

Your Grandchildren are so beautiful! We only have 2, but are lucky enough to have one of each.