Tuesday, January 13, 2009

House Hunting? What you need to know......

With interest rates lower then they have been in decades, anyone thinking of purchasing Real Estate......listen here, now is the time to take action......Just do it!

As a Realtor, I constantly get current updated information on anything that has to do with market changes and conditions. No one can predict for sure how long these current low Mortgage interest rates might last, but most are in agreement...... now is the time to take action.

With so much information available on the Internet today, it is not a bad idea to research and check the situation out yourself as a start, however if you are serious about Real Estate always contact a "Full Time-Professional Realtor", who can help you make the experience as painless and stress free as possible.

I would like to share this article with you, please pay attention as it is calling to your finances and can help you to make a decision that could conceivably save you thousands of dollars.

Home shopping alone - without the help of a professional even when online - can become a huge handicap for home buyers. Here are four reasons:

• Late information. Shoppers who limit themselves to only looking at real estate Web sites will overlook some very good properties, possibly one that is perfect for them, and they won't get up-to-the minute information.

• Fake listings. Web operators sometimes try to collect page views with fake listings to pump up their advertising returns, and that wastes the time of real home shoppers. It's also frustrating for shoppers to find an interesting home that's not available.

• Questionable information. Home value Web sites only go so far. Sites like Zillow.com and Cyberhomes.com put prices out there that may or may not be an accurate reflection of neighborhood or housing value. Working with a professional means the buyer gets the benefit of a broader range of knowledgeable resources.

• Process help. Once a home shopper has found a property, working with a pro means they'll follow the right path to close the deal. For anyone except experienced investors, going it totally alone can be risky.

Source: US News & World Report, Matthew Badyk (01/07/09)© Copyright 2009 INFORMATION, INC. Bethesda, MD (301) 215-4688

I hope you find this information helpful. If you or anybody you know is thinking of "buying or selling" Real Estate, please give them my name. I can help them and wold be happy to do so.

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