Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Florida Freeze.....

Contrary to what some folks think, Central Florida does get really cold.

On these nights the fragile or more pampered plants get moved inside to protect them. Mine go to the bathroom off the patio. This year they have already been moved in & out several times.

My Beautiful ground cover on my island......not so pretty now. Spring will bring it back again.

In January 2009, Central Florida experienced some of the coldest nights of the winter. In the mornings to follow, plants were covered in ice. Grass had a thin layer of frost. Icicles were hanging from trees, and the cold pretty much destroyed many tropical plants as well as plenty of non-tropical plants in my garden. The good news is many will grow back and 75-80 degree weather is scheduled to return this weekend.
I guess I shouldn't do much complaining as others are still constantly shoveling snow this winter season.
Florida is still a great place to be.......Thinking of a move here to escape the long winters....then give me a call.

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Permission to Mother said...

For about 2 weeks, I covered my container garden up at night with sheets and they all fared well. The rest of the yard looks terrible. You'll have to tell us about the master gardner class you are taking. It sounds like fun.