Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is it acceptable to go Topless to the park?

Is a topless park similar to a topless beach? Did my headline get your attention?

Is it acceptable to go topless to the park when you are 5 years old?

I have often remembered having to wear my older brothers swim suit and also seeing several photos of myself in this hand-me down bathing suit. I remember my Mom saying it was no big deal, there was nothing wrong with it. I am not so sure that I agree!

Now I have no problem whatsoever with sharing clothing, or hand me-down clothing. In today's current economy it is something that more of us should in fact consider. However.....there is a fine line here, I was a little girl with no say in this. The decision was made for me.

Strange thing to ponder, but I wonder had I been the oldest child, would my Mom put my hand-me down girls bathing suit on my brother? And how would he feel about that situation?

In looking at this photo, what I had no recollection of is the shoes....they are pretty horrible also. I bet I know where they came from! They are not exactly "Mary Janes" now are they? I never thought about the shoes before, but perhaps they are the reason why when it comes to shoes today........I can never have enough?

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