Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It is time to come out of the closet....

I cannot tell you exactly how long I have owned these shoes, nor can I tell you what I was thinking when I originally purchased them. I can say however, with much certainty, that they relocated with me from New York to Atlanta in 1978 and again from Atlanta to Orlando in 1988. So yes, I am ageing myself here! The math puts these shoes in excess of 32 years old.

I have not worn these shoes in all these years except once, to a Jimmy Buffet "Margaritaville" party several years back. They were the talk of the party. Together we were even voted 1st place for the outfit of the night.

Recently it has come to my attention that "funky" shoes are making a comeback. Sneakers are pissed at flats. They've taken over as our casual shoe pick of the day. And they're not going down without a fight! This season, sneakers have been made over with new color, patterns, and textures. Funky sneakers are a fun, sporty alternative to wearing flats.

Even several of my Zumba instructors have adopted these new bold look sneakers. So my old friend, funky shoes, are you ready to get out on the Zumba floor with me and take on a little Salsa and Meringue? I believe it may be time to take you out of the closet and give you another go-round.

How about you, my friends reading this....I dare you to be bold, not beige!


Susan said...

I actually like those shoes since pink and green are my favorite colors. I wonder if they glow in the dark...that would be super cool. I can tell you haven't worn them much since they look brand new, but I'm betting that all eyes will be focused on you when you walk into class. And, I'll also bet that you'll be walking in strutting your stuff, girl!

Permission to Mother said...

Those would be good YK shoes. I was thinking about them today.