Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Does Have It's Moments......

I wonder what I will be when I grow up? I wonder does time really fly?
I cannot believe that it has been since August 4th since my last post. I have not forgotten you, my online Journal. These last several weeks have just been packed full of “Life Happenings”, attempts at solving some of life’s problems and some intense Soul Searching. If you are wondering what has distracted me......

I have kept up with my usual volunteer work in the Nursing home and as a Master Gardener, my work-out "therapy at the gym" and also signed up for Boot Camp….. Like I need to work out more then I already do. I am still “playing” out in my garden as often as time allows and still producing edibles which I love to creatively cook.
I wonder why I agreed to participate in a Garage Sale?

The decision to participate in a community garage sale was an eye-opener and time monopilizer. Two of my girl friends came over and brought some of their stuff to sell also….so we made it a party. I admit, I am the World’s biggest or at least in the top 10% of biggest “keepers”. I don’t get rid of anything! I have clothes in my closet older then most of my friend’s ages! O.K,. I guess that gives away my age somewhat!
A Garage sale…is an experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life. For me, it gave me a much needed goal to gather & purge some stuff that should have been purged decades ago. It is an interesting picture of the human race….and that is an interesting story. If something is priced well below its value…."they” still want it for less! I wonder if things were priced for free…what would happen.
See anything you like or need in these photos, let me know.
This is what is left that did not sell…….now what do I do with these treasures? Clothes were already picked up by Am vets, so they will go to folks who can use them, which makes me feel better.

I have posted some of the bigger & better items, in my opinion, on Craig’s list and EBay for sale. Now I just have to develop a little patience and wait, not one of my better qualities.
In the interim I have dealt with the emotions of the upcoming 3rd anniversary, October 3rd, of the Home Invasion that I encountered, where I was bound and held hostage for 3+ hours, while my home was ransacked by a bunch of creeps, looking for gold & money, etc. You want to talk about a life altering event? Three years ago and it still feels to me like it was only a month ago, an experience that will never go away. I still believe that during that encounter I was watched over by my Guardian Angel to help get me thru this horrific event. I know that all things happen for a reason, and there is a reason that I am yet to understand here. Perhaps there is still something or someone that will come into my life that I can help or am meant to be part of.
During this time, much thought has been given to the most “battered market in real estate”, in the industry’s history, which is what I do. No I am not going to be another Realtor Casualty! I have been enjoying my career for 14+ years and I will stick with it. But this does mean that I must depend on my past customers and friends, you know who you are, to tell everyone they know what a great job I did for them and send me some referrals. This is a great time to purchase after all.

Sadly I had to say goodbye to a friend taken by that ugly Villain, Cancer, another unpleasant life lesson.
If you are still with me reading, I do not mean to let this posting sound like anything other then me just explaining my absence in “posting”, while continuing to take on life. I have made some life altering decisions which will be disclosed in the imminent future. In doing so, I have realized again, the importance of friends and family in my life; I have taken lots of photos, attended several wine tastings, read some books and just participated in life.

Now, I am just trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!

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Susan said...

Oh, wow..you have been busy. How awful for you to have to endure a home invasion. I feel so badly for you as i can only imagine how it would affect me. Everyone deserves the right to feel safe in their own home.

I, too, have a friend that is nearing the end of her battle with cancer. She has been a trooper and has fought for everyone of the 15 years she was given since her first bout.

I'm rambling on too, but the bottome line is I'm glad you're back and look forward to seeing some future garden pics. Take care!