Sunday, July 20, 2008

Girl friends.....

I have just read a statement that has "just stuck with me."I must state first, if you do not know me and have not read my previous posts, I am passionate about my dogs, dog rescue and dog adoption. I am opposed to pet stores selling puppies and kittens and puppy mills in the business of mass producing life as on an assembly line.

The statement that I read is: "The only time we have a vote in who we are related to is when we pick a dog".

There really is some truth in that statement and it would also go for cats, birds or whatever pets is your choice to make part of your family. There is no greater loyalty and devotion then that that comes from our pets.......however this statement got me thinking about my girl friends. Are they not part of our family? We do get to choose!

My girl friends are there for me when they need to be. Sometimes we don't speak or see each other for sometime, sometimes we disagree, sometimes do or say things that we don't like to each other and some girl friends we may never have met personally, but there is a so-special bond that brings us back together as necessary. We as females seem to be able to attract and build friendships and we can always be adding to our family.

I so appreciate and love you all..... my girl friends. We need to all try to remember to tell each other how important they are in our adopted family......we do get to choose.

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fitncrafty said...

Great Point! We do have a choice about our friends.