Friday, August 1, 2008

It's not easy being green!!!!

It's not easy being an adult either...............

Where have the days gone, how did I become the age I am so quickly. I find myself wondering why every day seems to bring another mountain to climb and problem to solve. I thought this was supposed to be the Golden Years?

I can remember like it was yesterday, taking my little girls-their hair in pig tails to the bus stop on the first day of school, lunch box in tote. Now my little girls have children of their own....growing bigger every day. I can remember wondering if I would get invited to the prom, or thinking "will he call"? Now decades later....nothing has changed and I find myself contemplating is there really a Prince out there or have I fallen for another jerk?

Seriously, as we get older........I think we must just take the test! And then we get the lesson.

The lessons get tougher, more serious and really hard to understand why they are happening. We see our loved ones going through illness, loss, financial crises, etc. We have people come and go from our lives.......many times creating turmoil as they do. If we are lucky we read about the awful things that some people do to others and unfortunately some of us personally fall victim to these awful things that happen in a flash and change us forever. I am convinced that all we can do is accept what happens to us, stay strong and move on as we really do not have the control to fix things as we once could.

Things happen for a reason which usually we will never understand. I think that we must accept that how we deal with our "life tests" is what Life is all about. Life is a journey after all.........we do not always travel in first class! We must do our best to enjoy the ride after all there is always tomorrow.

I will conclude with one of my favorite lines, which can be interpreted several ways:

“One shoe can change your life”


Permission to Mother said...

That is a very creative way of saying IT!

Tam said...

Great post! I do believe though that we will understand the why of everything one day. Like when mom said to eat my spinach I didn't know why then but boy do I now! Some things just take time A LOT of time! One day we will see the big picture but it may just come bits at a time! ;)