Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Bread Box....

A fresh loaf any time you want......

My bread box....the bread machine. My bread machine makes it easy for me to bake and create fresh, delicious and full flavored home made bread. You can see it behind my latest bread, a really yummy potato loaf.

I purchased the Bread Lover's Bread Machine cookbook, by Beth Hensperger, and am very slowly "eating up" and working through the 300 recipes it offers.

I must warn you, this type of baking is very addictive. There is nothing like hot out of the box bread. A loaf of bread made in the machine is easy to make, does not create a mess and is just like handmade bread, superior in nutrition, texture and taste to the commercially produced store-bought loaves. Homemade bread is free of additives, colorants, preservatives and chemicals.

Whether you go out and purchase a new machine, inherited one as I did, or pick one up at a garage sale you will be delighted with the results. Go ahead push the button, bake bread, enjoy the delectable results and get ready to collect the compliments.

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fitncrafty said...

looks very yummy!!! I like my bread box.. its the smell I am addicted to, beside the yummy bread~! The hand baking is very yummy too!!!!