Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Take action for the animals, they need your help

Small Paws Rescue......we need your help

Any one who follows my blog or knows me knows that I have been a volunteer with Small Paws Rescue for several years, and this has become one of my passions. Though it is rare, thanks to our local volunteer, we have an actual picture of the Tenkiller kennel where our 26 Bichons await our rescue. One of our volunteer's lives near this kennel, near the Oklahoma/Arkansas line and took this picture of the actual Bichons we are talking about. Small Paws will be reimbursing her for the food she has taken over to these 26 Bichons, because the owner can no longer afford to feed them. This is located in an area near "Lake Tenkiller."(Tenkiller received its name from the Tenkiller family, who operated a ferry that crossed the Illinois River before the lake was constructed.) Due to the situation on Wall Street and the potential economic bail out, donations are very slow. I think folks are waiting to see what happens. These Bichons don't understand a thing about that. They only know they are in cramped cages and have sores on their skin and they need to be eating regularly.Right now, we have only enough funds to rescue and vet ONE of these 26. This is a serious situation involving the lives of 26 Bichons. The owner sounded desperate and mentioned having to "do away with them" if we can't come. We didn't ask how and we don't want to know.

I just cast my vote for America's Favorite Animal Shelter. If my favorite local animal shelter wins this contest, my shelter will win a much needed $10,000 donation! And every vote helps save a homeless animal's life. Please help my shelter win and save homeless pets by voting today.
Please help Small Paws Rescue and vote here.