Saturday, October 4, 2008

We are number one now!

Look at me, thanks Small Paws Rescue

Rudy was rescued from death row at a Memphis shelter by Small Paws Rescue

Small Paws in first place.....hooray!

Won't you help them stay there. If you have already voted......thanks much. Please forward this information to friends and family and ask someone else to we need to stay in 1st place.
If you haven't cast your vote for Small Paws Rescue you still have until November 1st.
Look what we did for Rudy at Small Paws us do it over again, please vote. The $10,000 1st place prize can help us make more magic happen. Vote Here for Small Paws Rescue.

1 comment:

fitncrafty said...

Isn't Rudy a cute and sassy thing! Yeah for Small Paws!