Sunday, November 23, 2008

Atlanta Girls Do Orlando......

Loraine K. and Hani of Atlanta, Ga.

Loraine K. of Atlanta, Ga. & Maxine T. (me) formally of Atlanta, Ga.

This afternoon a friend of mine had a stop over in Orlando before going on a cruise out of Cape Canaveral tomorrow. Loraine and myself have been friends for a very long time. We met several + decades ago in what seems like another lifetime. I lived in Atlanta, Ga. at the time and we both worked in the Media Dept. of J. Walter Thompson, an advertising agency. We were called "spot broadcast negotiators", a fancy-schmancy name for media buyers.

Needless to say we discovered we were both from New York originally, were single parents etc. and developed a great friendship. As all things do change, I moved to Orlando. Although we stayed in contact with each other with phone calls, emails and such, the time between contacts got longer and longer. We do somehow get to see each other every several years and it is something, how we can sit and chat for hours like we did not miss a beat. Maybe that is the true mesure of friendship. Some things are always the same and we can go back. Thank you my girlfriends for being part of me!

The rest of my story....I met the girls at the hotel they stayed at on International Drive, right in the center of Orlando's Tourist spots. A part of Orlando that us residents avoid as much as possible. I live in the oppossite side of Orlando and am not familiar with that other end of the city. I remember that I ocaisionally went to a restaurant in that area, where there were always lines to get in at all times, any day of the week.....and it was worth the wait. I suggested we go there. Well I am sorry to say, Bill Wong's International Buffet has really changed. It was not at all what it used to be, too bad. Some things we should never try to go back to. Sorry Bill Wong, you are one of those things, no raving revue here. I will hang on to my memory of you back in your better days.


Permission to Mother said...

OK- I was trying to think about how you knew Lorraine, so thanks for the refresher.

I remember Bill Wong's. I bet I'd hate it now. I was never that crazy about Chinese buffet, but I am so use to fresh now.

Orlando Realtor said...

As you can tell, I hated Bill Wong's now. Some things you can't go back to.

I bet even William would hate it now, and he used to dance in the parking lot when we took him there and then eat as much as an adult, and he would get in for free because of his age!

fitncrafty said...

It is so great to see that you can connect with old friends, I have several of them all over the world right now! That's the hard part of moving. The joy is in knowing that whenever you meet or talk, things just pick up right where you left off.
I am not sure that Bill Wong's has changed, I think you have!!!