Friday, June 20, 2008

Magic Mineral Broth

Is it soup................

No, It's Magic Mineral Broth! I won't go into too much detail here as to how to make this delicious and healthy broth, because you can find all that on the following blogs: and I cannot take "ownership" of the authors of these blogs, because no one can own another person. I can and will however proudly take "momership" of the blog authors. Yup, I just made up that word.

As the broth cooked all day, I would say that the dominant smell was my home-made Allspice which is a combination of equal parts of Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper.

To quote Cook Eat and Be Crafty: "Well I must say that it was very good broth, but honestly all I could think about was how I would really love to have some of my Mom's delicious Matzo Balls floating in there! This broth is full of vitamins and minerals and would definitely be a great thing to make when your whole house is suffering from a cold."

Well, all I can say.....Carrie this bowl's for you. You put the thought in my head and I implemented it from across the country, (New York to Florida).

The experience shopping for the ingredients was also interesting, I eventually located Kombu but not until after I purchased another form of dried seaweed from my farm stand.

I only prepared half the recipe and like you, I will have this around for a long time. I agree next time I make it I will use a bit more salt and more garlic.


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Looks yoummy. I am probably going to make some matzah balls this weekend for the broth I froze last week.

fitncrafty said...

looks absolutely beautiful! I will be making that soon!
"mombership" great word... Thanks for sharing....
love you,