Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Several days ago, I read a blog posted about favorite kitchen gadgets. As I am a kitchen gadget fanatic, I could not decide at that time my favorite gadget to post a response. Needless to say, when I thought about it, I was not able to find that blog to post my response......So I will post it here.

I am old enough to remember when the microwave oven came out and thinking that this is not necessary, why would I not just use my oven, after all it has done the job for decades. Thinking back, I think that maybe my thoughts were just a "cover" for the fact that I could not afford to purchase one. Well we all know how far the microwave oven has come.....there is nearly a kitchen without one.

My kitchen is full of gadgets and stuff to make the food prep a little easier. I don't know which I would give up if I had to. So I will just mention my favorites here that you will be familiar with. The George Forman Grill most definitely needs to be on this list. I just love my food saver, vacuum packaging system, for storage of food, cooked and uncooked. My Slow cooker comes out at least once per week and I am constantly searching for new recipes to make in it. ( My favorite I found in the Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook, written by Dawn J Ranck and Phyllis Pellman Good, on page146 called Michele's Barbecued Ribs. The ribs come out with a unique touch of cinnamon taste and the best thing, this recipe only calls for 1 1/2 cups of barbecue sauce for 3-4 lbs. of ribs. Better yet, I have found that 1/2 - 3/4 cup is adequate, yummy and healthier then having those ribs swimming in the sauce.)

I need to mention for convenience and fun preparation I would recommend my Cook's Essential (QVC brand) Turbo Chopper, a similar gadget to the Magic Bullet, but maybe made a bit better. In thinking about my favorite gadget, I cannot say which it would be, there are so many but I need to recommend the Toss & Chop by Silvermark. I originally purchased it about 4 years ago from QVC, but it is now readily available in stores like Target at $19.99. What is the Toss & Chop? It looks like a really funny, fat scissor and allows you to quickly chop vegetables, sandwich fillings, pasta, meats, fruits, and a wide variety of foods directly in the bowl. It is very convenient to use with minimal clean-up.

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets? I should hold a contest for the first person who comes up with one I don't already have. Happy Cooking....................


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

The motor wore out on my chopper, so I found this to be very interesting b/c I need a new one. Can you believe I used a chopper enough to wear out a motor!

The favorite kitchen gadget post you saw was probably from Crispy at Peter's Peapod.

crispy said...

Glad I inspired a whole post on kitchen gadgets for yourself.

I was amazed to read about ones that I don't have and was inspired to investigate a few that I hadn't heard about (garbage bowl).

I don't have the toss and chop or the George Foreman grill. I guess I am missing out on these. I am also eager to have a magic bullet, I make smoothies almost daily but I use my Bosch mixer with the blender attachment.